Broken Nose Surgery – Where Should I Go?

Broken Nose SurgeryIf you experienced an unfortunate nasal injury, head straight to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist who is able to access your nasal condition and provide recommendation on whether you might require broken nose surgery.

Broken nose surgery makes its goal to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and at the same time combines elements of deviated septum rhinoplasty as a result of a trauma or accident. During an accident your nasal bones can get broken, cartilage misaligned and septum, a cartilage structure separating both nostrils, get out of place creating not only visual asymmetry but a serious breathing problem down the road.

Deviated septum complications can range from mild to severe in nature. You can begin experiencing inability to breathe through your nose, recurring sinus infections and even sleep apnea if you do not have your septum re-aligned with the help of broken nose rhinoplasty.

Broken nose surgery has the highest success rate if performed within two weeks after an accident since cartilage tissues are more likely to retain their original shape if re-aligned in a timely manner.

Mild cases of nasal injuries might not even need broken nose surgery and could be fixed right at your otolaryngologist’s office. Even most moderate to severe cases of broken noses could be performed via a closed rhinoplasty technique which is characterized by less invasive measures and faster healing times.

If you have a longstanding nose injury, do not despair because even the most crooked noses could be re-aligned with the help of a revision rhinoplasty specialist who will deal with excessive internal and external scarring, remove cartilage overgrowth or add autogenous cartilage taken from a patient’s rib or septum if necessary to achieve a better looking nose.