Brow Lift Procedure Steps

Brow Lift ProcedureMy husband has told me about 10,000 times to stop wrinkling my forehead when I’m ticked off because I’m going to end up looking like an old lady 20 years before I’m due. Needless to say, in true female form, I haven’t listened for one second. I have a backup plan. Since the rest of my face is wrinkle free, I hopefully won’t be a candidate for a full laser face lift, however, I may or may not have done some research into a brow lift procedure, and it’s making me more and more confident that I may one day be able to have my “I’m mad at you” lines corrected.

A brow lift procedure is also known as a forehead lift, and no matter which way it’s performed, the steps are often similar. No matter what, you’re going to start with anesthesia. It’s not an eyebrow lift without surgery after all, there are scalpels involved, and nobody wants to be awake for that. After you’re good and out cold, the surgeon will make an incision. Sometimes, an endoscope is used after the first cut; this is called an endoscopic brow lift. This simply means that a surgical video device is being used. The next step of the brow lift procedure is to reposition the stuff underneath the skin. In my case, this would include moving things around to undo my lines of rage. This is also the time that a sagging brow would be remedied. In my case, my brows are large enough to be mistaken for two small, hairy rodents, and therefore their sagging could possibly block my entire field of vision. When that day comes, I will likely be headed directly to get in line for my brow lift procedure.

After the shuffling around of your forehead insides, your brow lift plastic surgery is not quite over yet. You have a hole in your head, or, more of a slit per se, and although it’s well hidden along natural creases or hairlines depending on your specific issues and anatomy, it’s still going to need patched up. Your surgeon might use tape, clips, sutures or adhesives. Again, this will depend on place, type, and size of your incision(s).

You can expect bruising and swelling, just like with any other surgery, and when these subside you will finally be able to see the results of your new facial up-do. Your new look can be maintained with permanent sutures, an absorbable fixation device, or even small screws. Wait, what? Small screws? In my head? On second thought…….perhaps I’ll start working on those facial expressions now!