Brown Phlegm Causes and Remedies

Brown PhlegmPhlegm is excessive mucus excreted from your breathing passages that is not normally clear but is tinted with various causatives as MSN Healthy Living explains. These secretions could be colored in various hues depending on the causes of the condition.

The most probable cause for coughing up brown mucus is smoking. Nicotine, tar and resins get into your bronchial and lung passages with every puff you take. Most of these harmful substances settle on the lining of the respiratory system organs causing brown phlegm symptoms. Heavy smokers can be recognized by extreme coughing and brown nails combined with characteristic nicotine odor that is very offensive to people around. Chain smokers eventually develop chronic bronchitis that makes the condition worse and puts individuals at a high risk of being diagnosed with lung emphysema. Emphysema is triggered by the damage nicotine and smoke do to the tiny air sacs in the lungs. Patients with emphysema do not receive enough oxygen through their damaged lungs and need extensive oxygen therapy, continuous inhalers, medications, lung reduction surgery and even lung transplants in the worst situations.

The best remedy against brown color of phlegm is quitting smoking. It may take some individuals up to a year to completely eliminate brown phlegm from their systems.

Another possible brown phlegm cause is old blood streaks being mixed in with throat mucus that is the result of a viral or bacterial infection you body is fighting. In this case, the best remedy is drinking lots of water or herbal teas that will help thin mucus and expel it from the body. Taking a hot shower and breathing moist air will assist in faster phlegm evacuation. Exercise caution with any over the counter cough medications that might suppress cough and lead to stagnant brown phlegm and worsening of your symptoms. However, if your brown phlegm is accompanied with fever, feeling run down and not being able to cough it all up, it’s time to call your doctor who will most likely put you through antibiotic treatment for pneumonia.

Acid reflux might make you regurgitate some of the food tinting your phlegm brown, especially if you’ve been consuming chocolate, red wine, or coffee. If you develop brown phlegm due to acid indigestion, watch out for bowel mucus which could be a warning sign of Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Just another cause of the brown tined phlegm could be occupational toxins. If your trade puts you through daily inhalation of toxic fumes or exhausts in case of road construction, factory work or else, it’s very likely that your sputum is going to turn brown in color. Dust, toxins and wastes inhaled throughout the day irritate the lining of your bronchi and produce distinct colored phlegm. There’s not much you can do about this but to find another job thus eliminating daily pollution.

Lung cancer can occassionally give symptoms of brown phlegm streaked with blood accompanied with excessive cough, shortness of breath and weakness. Seeking immediate medical assistance especially in smokers will ensure early intervention that can save lives.

Should you ever develop bloody phlegm, seek doctor’s attention immediately.