Bruised Tailbone Symptoms and Treatment

Bruised Tailbone SymptomsA bruised tailbone, also known as the coccyx, can be very painful. Obviously, falling and landing on your tailbone can cause bruising. Repetitive activities like rowing or bicycling can bruise the coccyx. The tailbone can be bruised in contact sports. And you might not realize it, but the tailbone can also get bruised in childbirth.

Bruised tailbone symptoms include discoloration around the tailbone and severe coccyx pain. If the tailbone pain is worse when you sit or worse if you apply any pressure, you have bruised tailbone symptoms. Other symptoms include pain if you are straining to have a bowel movement and for some women, pain during intercourse. How do you know when to seek medical attention for bruised tailbone symptoms? A bruised tailbone is not usually a medical emergency, but you should call your doctor anyway because the coccyx may be broken or there may be other damage.

Bruised tailbone symptoms go away with time. If you fell on your tailbone or it was hit, apply ice for 15-20 minutes. You can do this four times a day for several days. Try not to sit for long periods of time. IF you must sit, you can get a pillow that looks like a hollow doughnut. This will keep your coccyx from the sitting surface. Over the counter pain medications like ibuprofen are helpful. You might also want to eat a diet that is high in fiber so that you aren’t constipated. Back exercises for lower back pain are not helpful in dealing with a bruised tailbone.

If you have lower back pain right side or lower back pain left side, chances are you have pulled a muscle. On occasion this kind of pain can signal that something is wrong internally. Check with your doctor.