Bulging Leg Veins Causes and Remedies

Bulging Leg VeinsWhen bulging leg veins get to the point of being noticeable, you will most likely be diagnosed with varicose veins. Often times, there are bulging veins in hands as well as the legs. This condition occurs when insufficient circulation is preventing optimal blood flow to the heart. Bulging leg veins happen when blood is pooled in the vein when not circulating sufficiently. This accumulation will cause the veins to bulge to the point of being palpable.

Varicose veins during pregnancy are especially common due to hormonal changes along with an increase of blood volume for mother and baby. The additional weight later on in pregnancy adds to the bulging leg veins. In fact, an overweight individual will suffer from the same leg veins problems> as a pregnant woman because of the stress that weight will add to the circulatory system. Those with diabetes and elevated cholesterol tend to be overweight, which in turns adds to bulging leg veins. Bulging veins in hands could be due to poor circulation. However, these unattractive types of veins will sometimes simply occur due to aging.

Some of the self attained remedies for bulging leg veins are to elevate those limbs above the level of the heart as often as possible so that circulation can be rejuvenated after long bouts of standing. A diet low in sodium as well as fat, and a good fiber based diet will not only help with weight loss, it will benefit your overall health. Other tips for prevention of vein bulging is to avoid high heels, take a 15 minute walk every day, and avoid crossing legs when sitting. Varicose vein laser surgery is a procedure which a physician may suggest in some cases. Veins bulging in the legs have much to do with circulation, or the lack of adequate circulation. At the start of seeing leg veins may be a clue to making of few simple changes to prevent a worsening of the condition.