Bulging Veins in Hands and Feet and Weight Loss

Bulging Veins in HandsUnlike bulging leg veins, bulging veins in hands is a mild condition caused by the thinning of skin while aging. Think back to your grandmother’s hands of delicate thinning skin with prominent, bulging veins in hands. Unfortunately, such near explosive veins are not only due to aging, thinning skin as your grand. Just like in the legs, varicose veins can emerge in the hands as well. Not only are these veins unattractive to the hands which are consistently in plain view, they become tender when touched, as well.

Excess weight puts undue stress on the blood volume and adequate flow of that blood throughout the body. Diet is important for reversing a poor circulation problem. Weight loss will lessen the potential of diabetes and elevated cholesterol, both common causes for bulging veins in hands and other areas of the body. Besides a proper diet, a product known as horse chestnut cream applied to veins is said to reduce swelling, repair vein leaks, and improve vein wall integrity. When advanced stages of varicose veins are present, and diet and topical creams do not seem to alleviate the condition, varicose vein treatment by a physician may be the next necessary plan of action.

Varicose vein treatment in a medical setting may involve a few different methods. A noninvasive and popular treatment successfully used today is laser, or pulsed light therapy. With this method, the veins are sealed off and dissolved by the heat of the laser. For optimal results of vein removal by laser, several treatments may be necessary.Phlebectomy of varicose veins, or surgical removal of affected veins, is another avenue of treatment for advanced cases of varicose veins in the hands or feet. Either of these procedures are most likely expensive with lengthy recovery times. The best option is to prevent bulging veins in hands and feet with diet and exercise as weight loss is highly beneficial for good circulation.