Buttock Enhancement Injections vs Supplements

Buttock EnhancementI like big butts, and I cannot lie. Alright, actually I really don’t, but I don’t want a flat “mom” butt either. I used to wonder about buttock enhancement and think “who would be crazy enough to have THAT done?” Now, I understand. Moms. Moms whose butts look like nothing more than flat flapjacks. Since I don’t have rock star money, I thought it would be worthwhile to look into some of the less extravagant forms of buttock enhancement, and by less extravagant, I mean less expensive. 2 particular options kept popping up; hydrogel buttock injections, and magic booty lifting supplements.

I quickly realized that cosmetic surgery is like any other purchase that you make, you get what you pay for. There are clearly no exceptions to this rule. Starting first with gel or pmma buttock injections, it’s important to note that they are actually not FDA approved and illegal in the United States. If you are in communications with a clinic or doctor trying to sell them to you, walk, don’t run, away! Now, if you have a ton of extra money, apparently you can have this buttock enhancement procedure done overseas. Overseas travel is expensive! This option is looking like less and less of a money saver and more and more like a big fat scam! Users of this method claim that it gives them the lift and look that they want in their derrieres. However, without an expensive plane ticket, you’re unlikely to ever find out. So what about the au natural injections? As in, your own blubber being repurposed in your behind? This costly yet well reviewed procedure is reported to be long lasting and multi-beneficial because it removes unwanted fat and turns it into wanted tushy.

So, what about supplements? Is it possible that we can all pop a pill daily and over a period of months or weeks make J-Lo Jealous? No. If there was, people wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars for surgical buttock augmentation now would they? Truth is that there is little evidence to suggest any link between rump size and supplement use, but that hasn’t kept people from sucking down Maca supplements in hopes of a firmer, higher bottom.

In order to achieve desirable results from buttock enhancement, either implants or fat transfer surgery often needs to be employed. Scams are common, and some scandalous websites even sell home butt injection kits. Do not ever buy one of these. Heed the warnings of the victims of the tire sealant butt injection scheme and remember that there is a reason that the best results from cosmetic surgery are from those that are performed by reputable, board certified plastic surgeons, which is exactly who you need to schedule a consultation with to help you decide if butt enhancement is right for you.