Cafe Au Lait Birthmark – Remove or Not?

Cafe Au Lait BirthmarkA cafe au lait birthmark is a very common problem, and these birthmarks create a spot on the skin which resembles the color of cafe au lait, a combined blend of coffee and milk or cream. These spots may appear anywhere on the body, and are seen often with newborn birthmarks. With age the size and number of these marks can increase, but should they be removed? Are there any risks to leaving them alone? Facial mole removal is a common procedure because of birthmarks which are visible on the face and which make the individual self conscious, but whether or not a cafe au lait birthmark needs to be removed will determine on the specific circumstances.

Laser birthmark removal can be performed for minimal scarring, and in some cases cafe au lait spots should be evaluated by a physician and possibly removed. If you or your child only have one or a few of these marks and they are small in size then it is usually okay to leave them alone. If there is more than one cafe au lait birthmark present, and a number of them are bigger than the size of a quarter, then this may be a sign of a genetic disorder which cause nerve tissue cells to grow abnormally. A consultation with a dermatologist should be arranged to evaluate this risk.

Removal is also an option for a cafe au lait birthmark if the location or size make it unattractive or the mark is bothersome to the individual. Most of these birthmarks are not a problem and can be left alone safely. Unlike many types of vascular birthmarks there are no dark colors or unsightly features with a cafe au lait birthmark. Traditional surgery is not recommended for these spots because of the scarring that will result, but laser treatments can help improve their appearance significantly. Most of the time these birthmarks are not a problem, but if you are concerned or have one which bothers you then you can see a physician to determine the removal options available.