Can Osteoporosis Be Reversed with Diet, Exercises or Therapy?

Reverse OsteoporosisFrom the moment the diagnosis comes in, the first question on many people’s minds is “can you reverse osteoporosis?” The bad news is no, you cannot. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it isn’t possible to reverse osteoporosis, there are a plethora of things that you can do in order to slow the progression of this condition. While many treatments and medications exist such as bisphosphonate therapy, strontium, medications, injections, hormone therapy and reclast infusion are all sometimes used to treat this condition, there are many lifestyle changes that you can consider at any point during that can help prevent fractures and slow down the ravaging effects of this malady.

Consider diet for instance. You may not think that you can benefit that much from an osteoporosis diet, however filling your dinner plate with bone friendly foods can go a long way. Add in Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods along with healthy sources of protein and fresh fruits and vegetables and while it can’t reverse osteoporosis, it certainly can help keep it from getting worse and therefore reduce the risk of injury. Taking these dietary measures will provide your bones with the nutrients they need to stay as strong as possible. In fact, maintaining the integrity of your bones is step one for fracture prevention. You may also consider osteoporosis exercises. By doing gentle stretches and exercises, you can keep your body healthy and your bones as strong as possible. Talk to your health care provider about some acceptable exercises to ensure that they are safe for you to do and won’t contribute to a greater risk of bone damage. What types of exercise for you will likely depend on the severity of your condition. If you are newly diagnosed, it may be more acceptable for you to participate in more rigorous exercise, however if you have suffered for decades and are currently taking an osteoporosis infusion, your doctor may have specific recommendations regarding your acceptable physical activity.

One of the lesser known osteoporosis facts is that there are people who have actually gone from taking medicines for their condition to no longer requiring them just by committing to healthy lifestyle changes. There is no way to reverse osteoporosis, however you can potentially minimize the impact that it has on your life by making a conscious effort to change your diet and physical habits. Eating well, exercising and avoiding caffeine and salt are all vital to ensuring bone health, and these healthful routines are also a phenomenal way to prevent osteoporosis altogether!