Candida Symptoms in Women – Various Skin Reactions!

Candida Symptoms In WomenMost women will end up with a yeast infection at some point in their lives. While the common candida symptoms in women when concerning the vagina are easy to decipher, they are not the only yeast overgrowth symptoms that are worth being on the lookout for. Candida symptoms in women can affect everything from your mental functioning to your digestive tract and even your skin. While searching for a cure for candida, it’s important to consider how many symptoms you are experiencing, and where.

Unfortunately, many of the skin conditions that can be caused by these yeasty fungi are extremely similar if not identical to other ailments. Meaning that instead of seeking out candidiasis treatment, you are applying moisturizing lotion which may or may not relieve your condition. For instance, acne is extremely common in women, especially during hormonal changes or at certain ages. This skin condition is one of the ordinary candida symptoms in women. Hives, a normal allergic reaction symptom, have also been reported in people with excessive candida.

In women experiencing menopause, night sweats can be frequent. However, for women not going through the change of life, these bedtime nightmares can also be candida symptoms in women. Less ladylike signs can become prevalent as well, such as body odor and athlete’s foot.

If you are concerned that you may have an overgrowth of this naturally occurring fungus, you can elect to try some dietary changes to reduce the amount of food you are providing these hungry critters. A candida diet food list can be found online, but most often this plan includes a diet of fresh vegetables and herbs and avoidance of high sugar foods and fats. Remember that if you are concerned about any of your symptoms, it’s extremely important to consult a physician. You may be having signs of an underlying illness or disease that, if left undiagnosed and untreated, could be dangerous to your health. Speak to your health care provider about your symptoms and your concerns about over abundant candida, and remember that if you choose to begin a detoxification program that you clearly explain your intentions and plans to your health care provider to ensure that you are cleansing the body safely and effectively.