Cataract Surgery Cost – What Are You Paying For?

Cataract Surgery CostBecause cataracts almost always effect older people, most assume that federally funded insurance will pick up the bulk of the tab. Unfortunately, cataract surgery cost can be so high that those afflicted with the ailment would rather suffer in silence than to burden their families. Additionally, the cataract surgery procedure becomes more expensive when the degree of severity is high. When you consider how much cataract surgery can actually improve vision along with the total cost, some people would just rather go without.

When refractive cataract surgery is performed, the patient has a set of special lenses implanted under his or her corneas. These crystalens are made to spec and make up a considerable portion of the cost of cataract surgery. Lasers similar to those used for LASIK procedures are used to cut the cornea, and the surgeon has to make sure that the lens will stay in place after the procedure is done.

Essentially, patients are getting the time of a skilled surgeon, a set of special contact lenses the use of specialty equipment. These are the factors that must be considered when calculating cataract surgery cost. In most cases, vision after cataract surgery is better, but patients must shield their eyes as they will be highly sensitive. There is also the chance that vision will never improve, especially if the patient has had cataracts for a long period of time.

Cataract surgery cost is usually reduced through insurance. Without cataract surgery, the patient will surely go blind, so insurance providers are generally quick to approve claims. If you are highly concerned about affording this procedure and managing your cataract surgery cost, your doctor will be able to give you up to date information. The good news is that the total cost of cataract surgery is still less than $10,000 if you have no type of insurance. You can go to a teaching hospital or find a corrective eye center that may possibly waive the fee completely. Cataracts eventually cause all sufferers to lose their vision, the process happens gradually overtime. You can stop this now by getting the cataract surgery done.