Causes of Green Stools in Adults

Green Stools in AdultsGenerally green stools in adults are caused by your food digesting too fast. As it digests it usually goes from green to brown before your bowel movement. If you have green bowel movements it may be caused by the use of laxatives, antibiotics or other medications, food poisoning or some other serious diseases.

While green stools in adults may be a little scary, you shouldn’t panic. Call your health care professional and ask them if any medications you may be on could be the cause of green stools in adults. If this is the case, then there is most likely nothing to worry about. Don’t be afraid to ask your physician questions about green bowel movements or green diarrhea.

You want to make sure you are properly hydrated. This may go a long way toward preventing green stools in adults. While green stools in infants may not be a cause for worry, this might not be the case in green stools for adults. Many times infants have bowel movements of every color in the rainbow. It is usually a result of what they are eating. Green stools in adults could be the cause of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, salmonella, or Crohn’s disease.

You may even notice green stools in adults because you have been on a so-called diarrhea diet. Green stools in adults can occur when there is a major change in your diet. The best thing you can do is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking eight glasses of water or other fluids daily. This should go a long way towards eliminating green stools in adults. Again this is to only say that is the case if there is not some other serious illness as the cause for the green stools in adults.