Cayenne Pepper Diet – How Does It Work?

Cayenne Pepper DietThe Cayenne Pepper Diet, also called the master cleansing diet, makes the promise that you will feel more energetic and lose weight, but how does this diet work, and is it safe? Also commonly referred to as the cayenne pepper weight loss plan and other names, This dieting plan allows you to have cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup, and it is considered a fast because no food is allowed. Cayenne pepper benefits has been shown to help with many digestive disorders and other conditions in many situations, and this diet allows you to lose weight without feeling sluggish or worn out.

With the Cayenne Pepper Diet you will created mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup, and water, and you will drink this throughout the day and can have as much as you desire. Each morning and night you will also take a laxative tea that is simply a mixture of warm water and sea salt, and this will take an hour or less to work through your system and start to clean you out. This cayenne pepper cleanse will cause weight loss because it removes toxins and any congestion that may be present in your body, without causing any health problems because of nutritional deficiencies. A number of celebrities have used the Cayenne Pepper Diet and have photos taken of the results they have seen.

You will need to follow the Cayenne Pepper Diet for a minimum of 10 days although you can follow it for longer if you choose. Many individuals choose to use cayenne pepper extract instead of the actual cayenne pepper in the mixture, and the choice is yours depending on your taste preferences. After you have completed the Cayenne Pepper Diet you will need to take a few steps to make sure that the fast is not broken too quickly, or dumping syndrome may occur and cause problems. For the first few days after you have finished the diet only drink a full strength juices, and then gradually add soups in increasing thicknesses, and then you can include nuts and vegetables before resuming your usual diet.