Cayenne Pepper Side Effects – Acid Reflux, Gastritis and Allergy!

Cayenne Pepper Side EffectsCayenne pepper is gaining in popularity as a weight loss aid, and many people are turning to the cayenne pepper cleanse, along with using this spicy seasoning as an appetite suppressant to shed the pounds. However, as anyone who has ever eaten a far-too-spicy batch of hot wings that wasn’t well tolerated can tell you, there are some side effects that you should be aware of whether you are trying the latest cayenne pepper weight loss fad, using this spicy supplement as a skin treatment or merely turning to cayenne pepper extract as a home remedy for a variety of ails.

The most commonly reported of cayenne pepper side effects are its tolls on the digestive tract. For people suffering from acid reflux, cayenne pepper side effects can be painful and tormenting for hours after consumption. This can lead to pain, burning and even worsening of ulcers if you have them already. Another tummy trouble that can be caused by cayenne pepper side effects is gastritis, which can lead to bloating, pain and abdominal discomfort. For people experiencing these unfortunate belly dilemmas, abstinence from cayenne pepper is probably advisable. If you are dead set on partaking in a cayenne pepper diet in order to achieve weight loss, you are more likely going to benefit from the less harsh form of this spicy suppressant by taking your heat in the form of a cayenne pepper supplement.

For some people however, there is simply no way to benefit from cayenne pepper due to allergy. The symptoms of cayenne pepper side effects are thoroughly exacerbated in people with an allergy and they may experience hives, swelling, and difficulty breathing. Your doctor can perform a test to see if you have a cayenne allergy, but if you are allergic to bananas, avocados or kiwi, you may be allergic to cayenne pepper, and should enjoy your spice with caution!

If you experience adverse affects by the consumption of cayenne in your diet or via supplement, it’s best to avoid it altogether. If you think you have an allergy, do not use cayenne. Remember that when using this hot tamale of a natural remedy for weight loss that you do it responsibly and under the care of a health professional to ensure that your weight loss is healthy and stable.