Celery Seed Extract for Blood Pressure and Diuretic Uses

Celery Seed ExtractCelery seed extract is commonly used as a diuretic and for high blood pressure, and this herbal medicine has shown some scientific benefits in both of these areas. A celery seed diuretic can be used for a number of conditions, and these include high blood pressure, gout, and others. A diuretic can help with high blood pressure because it removes excess urine and sodium from your body, which otherwise will build up and make it harder for your heart to pump and cause your blood pressure to increase. Celery seed health benefits has been known for many years, and this herbal medicine has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times for medical purposes.

If you suffer from high blood pressure then celery seed extract can help a number of ways. Many individuals with this condition are put on medications to lower the blood pressure and drugs which act as diuretics to help eliminate excess fluid, but many of these diuretic drugs have side effects which can range from uncomfortable all the way up to dangerous and life-threatening. Celery seed extract acts as a gentle diuretic and works naturally, so severe side effects are almost unknown unless the amounts of this herbal medicine used are extremely high. An added benefit is that this herb is also a celery seed gout remedy because it helps eliminate uric acid so that it cannot cause crystals.

The use of celery seed extract for high blood pressure and as a diuretic should only be done with the oversight of your physician, especially if you have high blood pressure. For many individuals a celery seed blood pressure treatment can prevent the use of dangerous diuretic drugs, but this remedy should never be started without a consultation with your physician if you have any medical conditions present. Celery seed extract can provide many benefits for high blood pressure, but this herbal medicine is not right for everyone.