Cheap Rhinoplasty: Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Not Recommended

Cheap RhinoplastyThe rhinoplasty cost ranges anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 in the United States making this plastic surgery procedure unattainable for many patients. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure but are discouraged by a high price tag, you might be tempted to look for ways to get cheap rhinoplasty surgery abroad.

This article will explain why cheap rhinoplasty is not a good idea and why you should only entrust rhinoplasty for you to board certified plastic surgeons or revision rhinoplasty specialists that have advanced training and experience to address all your nasal surgery needs.

Below are top 10 reasons why we do not recommend you look for cheap rhinoplasty options:

1.< Rhinoplasty procedures abroad might not be held according to the same standards as in the USA. 2. The short stay abroad might not account for cheap rhinoplasty surgery complications like excessive rhinoplasty swelling, infection or else.

3. Nose is the most defining part of your facial features; the risk of a bad outcome is simply too high for cheap rhinoplasty procedures that you might regret for the rest of your life.

4. Air traveling post any surgery is not recommended as it puts you at risk for developing life threatening blood clots.

5. Rhinoplasty procedure requires frequent follow up visits with your plastic surgeon which becomes impossible in case of cheap rhinoplasty abroad.

6. In case of rhinoplasty gone wrong situations you are virtually helpless due to lack of legal recourse measures in a foreign country.

7. The cheap rhinoplasty surgery is not so cheap anymore if you have to undergo additional revision procedures to correct deformities resulting from rhinoplasty gone wrong cases.

8. Cheap rhinoplasty surgery become especially risky for people of ethnic descents with their commonly wider and less projected noses requiring a very special set of skills and expertise the surgeons at the exotic locations might simply not be trained in.

9. Language barrier and cultural differences might make cheap rhinoplasty results unpredictable leading to disappointing outcomes.

10. The last argument against questionably cheap rhinoplasty is a loss of identity you might experience with a bad nose job that might completely alter your face and make you look, well, not like you at all.

Is cheap rhinoplasty for you worth the risk?