Chest Rash Causes

Chest RashThere are several causes of chest rash. Sometimes this rash is accompanied by itchy skin all over. And, at other times the rash is localized to the chest area. Whatever the reason may be, the rash on the chest is sometimes irritating with pain or itching, fever and other accompanying symptoms that you can check using this handy online tool presented by Right Figuring out chest rash causes takes some detective work but it’s important to find out the underlying reason for your symptoms in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

A dry skin rash can be found on any part of the body including the chest area. This dryness on the chest is often caused by overexposure to the sun according to MayoClinic. This type of chest rash sometimes appears when an individual is taking medication which warns against sun exposure. The chest and any other exposed body parts will be affected causing itchy skin all over. With type of chest rash, or all over itchy rash, an antihistamine is advised to eliminate the uncomfortable pruritus.

Another cause of a rash, which may appear on the chest and other body parts is chickenpox. Individuals who have not been vaccinated or contracted the disease are especially vulnerable to this viral condition. Blister like rash appears on the chest, trunk and later spreads to the face, legs and virtually all over the body taking several weeks to resolve.

The same virus that causes chicken pox in unexposed individuals can trigger another disease called shingles in people who have had chicken pox. In healthy individuals this virus stays dormant for years, however once immune system is down due to an illness, major surgery or aging, it contributes to painful blistery chest rash positioned on the side of the trunk.

Believe it or not, a chest rash may also occur because of a heightened anxiety level. Stress will add to the potential of chest rash hives due to high levels of cortisol hormones circulating in blood triggering flare ups of underlying medical conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Allergic reactions to detergents, medications, soaps, or dust will cause an itchy rash on chest. Contact dermatitis may also be caused by a piece of nickel jewelry you may have used to adorn your neck or new body lotion or perfume you might have previoulsy applied to that area.

This may also be true for consuming certain foods or medication which will manifest a reaction by causing a chest rash. Vaccinations may also trigger a reaction such as rash on the chest or elsewhere.

Another condition known as pityriasis rosea is a cause of rashes on the body including the chest. This rash is like an eczema or psoriasis, causing pinkish to red skin which becomes flaky showing up on the elbows, chest, back and even scalp.

Although rashes may come and go, and sometimes cause discomfort, they are present because of something in the body that is not completely right. It is best to pay attention to the rash and accompanying symptoms so that you or your doctor can best determine the cause.