Chin Implants For Men – 5 Situations When They May Be Needed!

Chin ImplantsA strong and prominent chin is one of the defining features of a truly manly man, and in some cases, this particular facial feature may need a bit of help. Thus, there are many cosmetic reasons why chin implants might be considered by the burlier gender. There are also many other reasons why this particular surgery might be implemented, and we’ve compiled 5 reasons why they might be on your “to do” list.

1. Balance and Enhance: Cosmetic enhancement via chin surgery is something that many men might consider during their lifetime. Chin augmentation cost can be steep, but for some men, it’s well worth it to enhance this supposed character defining feature. Extension of the jaw can provide balance and improve the aesthetics of the face. This procedure is often combined with rhinoplasty in order to ensure a full and polished face. Asymmetry correction is another cosmetic reason these implants might also be utilized.

2. Bite Me: Correction of bite dysfunctions can also be a cause for consideration of chin implants. Overbites or underbites are potentially correctable via chin and jaw implants.

3. Whoops!: Sometimes, even the most expensive chin implant cost doesn’t mean that you are going to end up with the Stallone look you were going for, and it’s possible that your botched augmentation can leave you considering further procedures involving chin implants.

4. Developmental Abnormalities: Congenital defects are a common cause of orthognathic surgery, and are sometimes fixable through the use of chin implants.

5. Trauma or Injury: Sometimes unfortunately an injury or other incident can leave damage to the face that requires cosmetic repairs. In some instances, implants of the chin or jaw are considered in order to restructure the facial features left marred by trauma.

No matter the reason that you are contemplating this procedure, do your research. The selection of your surgeon is critical to ensuring a quality outcome. Consultation and counseling will help you make the best decisions regarding your body and the potential changes that you are contemplating to your first impression maker.