Cholesterol in Eggs – Good or Bad?

Cholesterol in EggsIs the cholesterol in eggs good or bad? The answer that scientists are looking at now may be both. Some medical studies have found that eggs contain both good and bad cholesterol, but this should not be used as a reason to eat eggs more frequently than the guidelines recommend. Eggs contain cholesterol only in the yolk, while the white of an egg is nothing but protein and has no cholesterol at all.

The cholesterol in eggs contains some of the LDL cholesterol variety, but what surprising is that this cholesterol may not clog the arteries the way some other types of LDL cholesterol do, because the fat particles are different in shape so there is less of a risk of them clogging your arteries. Most cholesterol lowering recipes limit the egg yolks, but may add whites or other egg substitutes to replace them. Some cakes may contain applesauce or other fruit purees rather than oil and eggs, and these can also be cholesterol friendly recipes.

The high amount of cholesterol in eggs makes them an unwise choice if you have already been diagnosed with a high cholesterol, or even borderline numbers. One egg contains more than 200 milligrams of cholesterol, but many physicians believe that eggs can replace beef and other high cholesterol foods, because egg yolks contain less saturated fat. Eggs may be a better choice than shellfish like shrimp or prawns cholesterol wise, even though most seafood is low in this fat.

The cholesterol in eggs is not all bad, but this food is high enough in the total fat to be avoided more than once or twice a week for most people. If you have normal cholesterol levels, eat a healthy diet high in fiber and nutrients, and get plenty of exercise, then having whole eggs a few times a week is not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing how to lower cholesterol naturally using exercise and your diet can allow you to enjoy eggs once in a while and avoid cholesterol lowering medications that can cause uncomfortable or even dangerous side effects.

There is a good video from YouTube explaining more about cholesterol in eggs and its effect on human cholesterol levels.