Cholesterol in Fish – Is It Heart Healthy?

Cholesterol in FishCholesterol in fish is usually very low which is why so many medical professionals recommend that a proper cholesterol lowering diet plan include at least two servings of fatty fish, like salmon, sardines or tuna on a daily basis. These kinds of fish are not only healthy, they are beneficial for anyone who is suffering from high cholesterol because they help improve blood pressure and reduce the risk of blood clots and sudden stroke.

To ensure that your diet has the correct amount of cholesterol in fish or other seafood, you need to educate yourself. Good cholesterol foods, including fish must have high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids to help lower bad cholesterol levels. This aids in the repair of the heart and your entire cardiovascular system.

Try to speak with a nutritionist or dietician who can help dispel some of the myths surrounding high cholesterol. For example, many people believe that the cholesterol in eggs is bad for them and remove them from their diet entirely. The truth is, only the yolk of the egg contains cholesterol, the whites are an excellent source of protein.

Another myth surrounds how prawns cholesterol levels can cause adverse affects if ingested too frequently, this is also untrue. In fact, the American Heart Association confirms that while elevated cholesterol levels in shrimp and prawns are concerning, they are well-balanced by the low saturated fat content. Prawns actually have less saturated fat than some cuts of turkey, chicken and beef.

The levels of cholesterol in fish are an important part of a low cholesterol diet. To succeed in lowering your cholesterol levels to a safe number, you must monitor the foods you eat.

The type of cholesterol in fish is so positive that you should find it easy to incorporate a few servings into several different meals each day. Because the varieties are so numerous, you may discover flavors you have never tasted before.

Now that you know how beneficial fish is to a healthy heart, start making smart choices. Don’t forget about portion control and replace your unhealthy eating habits with a new attitude.

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