Cholesterol Medications List – Top 10 Most Popular Drugs!

Cholesterol Medications ListThere are drugs that commonly appear on the cholesterol medications list of doctors and medical specialists, and then there are those that even experts have rarely heard of. Before you take any drugs that you have never heard of before, checkout this cholesterol medications list to see if it is mentioned.

1. Lipitor – Lipitor is one of the newest and most popular medications used to manage high cholesterol levels. This is mainly because this drug has fewer side effects and interacts with only a handful of medications, when compared to other statins.

2. Crestor – This drug is often mentioned on the cholesterol medications list of family care doctors, likely because it has undergone years of research. Like other triglycerides drugs, Crestor does come with some serious warning.

3. Zocor – This is another cholesterol lowering drug that is popular with doctors and patients alike. Zocor has several side effects that may give you pause, but if you monitor your condition you will be completely safe.

4. Vytorin – The cholesterol medications side effects associated with Vytorin can be quite serious, especially when it comes to drug interaction. Even still, this medication can bring high cholesterol levels down quickly.

5. Lescol – Compared to cholesterol medications over the counter, Lescol is much more effective. You will need to get a prescription from your doctor if you want to take Lescol.

6. Pravachol – Pravachol is another older cholesterol lowering medication that is well known in the medical community. If you are otherwise in good health, you should absolutely take this drug to manage your cholesterol levels.

7. Advicor – Having only been available for less than a decade, Advicor is a newer but life changing medication. Your cholesterol levels will be within a healthy range after taking Advicor for a short time.

8. Simcor – There are some side effects associated with Simcor that can be alarming. However, your doctor is the only person that can give you expert advice.

9. Altoprev – Altoprev will allow you to live a fuller life. Take this cholesterol medication daily to get the best results.

10. Caduet – This is a drug that you may not find on every cholesterol medications list. This is because Caduet is only prescribed to individuals who have both high blood pressure and high cholesterol.