Chronic Gouty Arthritis: Causes and Remedies

Chronic Gouty ArthritisChronic gouty arthritis had been widely covered throughout history since many famous people, mostly men, suffered from this debilitating joint disease. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are just a few among distinguished American leaders that were affected by this condition.

Chronic gouty arthritis was also believed to be the disease of the wealthy and powerful who indulged in rich foods and sweet spirits. However, these are just a few underlying factors contributing to the beginning of the condition, but heredity still remains the main factor.

Acute gouty arthritis is usually preceded by elevated levels of uric acid in the body that calcify over time and settle in many body tissues, but mostly joints causing excruciating pain, joint stiffness and frequent attacks. Since the body can not properly excrete excessive amounts of uric acid, it puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys leading to kidney stones and can result in a total kidney failure if not managed.

There are two main directions in treating chronic gouty arthritis; one of them focuses on reducing inflammation of the joints, while the other works on preventing further uric acid deposits and shrinking the existing ones.

Gouty arthritis diet can successfully control levels of uric acid build up by eliminating certain foods like alcohol, organ meats, spinach, chard, asparagus, sugary drinks and processed foods. Staying hydrated is a very important part of any acute or chronic gouty arthritis treatment since proper water intake can eliminate high levels of uric acid from the body lessening inflammation and pain.

There are a few of natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis that can also address symptoms of gouty and erosive arthritis. According to recent medical study findings, about 500 mg of Vitamin C taken regularly were shown to reduce uric acid build up in the body. Another natural remedy for chronic arthritis is tart cherries rich in bioflavonoids and other important elements that help fight inflammation.