Chronic Iritis – Is This Condition Curable?

Chronic IritisChronic iritis is a very stubborn and hard to treat condition that is described as inflammation of an iris or adjacent tissues, and is very often referred to as anterior uveitis. Surprisingly, most ophthalmological specialists are not trained to diagnose and treat chronic iritis of the eye condition since it requires a specialist.

Most patients diagnosed with chronic iritis already have a predisposing autoimmune disorder in which immune system cells target the eye itself causing iritis symptoms as inflammation, redness, photophobia, blurred vision and characteristic spots in the field of vision. Chronic iritis treatment must be carried out by a very narrow-specialized doctor who deals specifically with chronic iritis conditions.

Initial iritis treatment is usually started by corticosteroid drop therapy that is intended to reduce swelling, redness and inflammation in the eye tissues and subsequently reduce chances of developing significant scarring and loss of vision. Once iritis moves to its chronic state, routine oral steroids are prescribed along with immuno-modulating medications.

Non-trauma chronic iritis does not respond well to treatment, however it can go into remission stage and remain there with proper supportive treatments. Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis are just a few of autoimmune disorders that can potentially lead to anterior uveitis and subsequently posterior uveitis.

Chronic iritis caused by a trauma usually is treated by a round of anti-inflammatory oral or topical steroids to ensure faster recovery to avoid complications and generally has good prognosis.