Chronic Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Chronic Sinus Infection TreatmentChronic sinus infection treatment involves treating the underlying medical condition. Once a doctor has made this determination, a treatment plan can be developed. Sinus infection signs and symptoms include thick yellow or green discharge that drains down the back of the throat or from the nose, problems breathing through the nose, reduced sense of taste and smell as well as swelling around the nose, cheeks, eyes or forehead that is accompanied by pain. Other symptoms include bad breath, nausea, sore throat, a cough which worsens at night, and ear pain. Sinus infection contagious issues can be minimized with regular hand washing. Post nasal drip causes range from allergies to infections. Your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics as part of your chronic sinus infection treatment. Some doctors also recommend rinsing the sinuses with saline solution as part of the chronic sinus infection treatment plan. If a tumor is part of the problem, the chronic sinus treatment plan will most likely include surgery.

Home remedies for sinus infection are really about prevention rather than cure. A chronic sinus infection can cause serious complications and should be treated your medical professional. Here are some tips for preventing sinus infection. Practice good health practices like healthy eating, regular exercise and adequate rest. The healthier you are overall, the less likely you are to develop a sinus infection. Wash your hands often, don’t share eating utensils or glasses with others and avoid people who are obviously sick. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids each and every day. Avoid cigarette smoke and pollutants whenever possible. If you have allergies, take medication to keep them under control or consider desentization treatments.

Call the doctor if you experience a severe headache, double vision, swelling or pain around your eyes, confusion, shortness of breath, stiff neck, or a swollen forehead. These could be signs of a serious and even life threatening infection.