Claritin Side Effects – Allergy Drug May Cause Allergy!

Claritin Side EffectsAlthough this over the counter medication is meant to treat allergies, there are some very confusing claritin side effects. Instead of drying your mucus, clearing up your eyes and stopping your skin from itching, this OTC allergy medication can actually exasperate your issues. These side effects are not always recognized, and they are rarely severe. However, it is still important to know what to expect when using this product.

When using Claritin to treat seasonal allergy symptoms, you can come across some other side effects. Dizziness has often been associated with this medicine, as well as drowsiness and sleepiness. These are quite similar to Zyrtec side effects. You may also develop a rash while on this antihistamine, but this usually occurs when you take a large, continued dose.

Some other claritin side effects include; yellowed skin, headache, rapid heart beat, anxiety, restlessness and dry mouth and throat. If you have ever experienced a reaction from dust mite allergy, then you are familiar with the side effects that can occur. In the off chance that you are allergic to Claritin, you will experience itching and swelling along with rashes. Although most antihistamines do not induce an allergic reaction, this has been known to rarely occur.

Not all Claritin side effects are predictable, but you can at least be fully aware of what can happen. Sometimes these negative Claritin side effects occur when a large amount of this over the counter drug is taken at once. Another side effect occurs when the drug itself fails to work. If you have hives or a similar allergic reaction to an allergen, pollen, dander or another irritant, you may find that the medication is simply not strong enough to make a difference.

The only way to know how you will react to it is to take this medication. Since it is widely available, most people in the medical community believe that it is safe. There are different formations of Claritin available for children. However, most if not all of the same side effects that can occur in adults can also manifest in kids.