Clary Sage Oil and Pregnancy – Benefits and Side Effects

Clary Sage OilClary sage oil is regularly used by midwives to help induce labor. Although you will not find sage oil in the maternity ward at your local hospital, it is very safe when used by a medical professional. In western medicine, Pitocin medicine is used in place of clary sage oil and other natural herb that help to bring the onset of labor. However, almost all types of sage should be avoided pregnancy or else you risk going into pre-term labor.

Even a small amount of sage herb may cause you to experience vaginal bleeding or miscarriage if it is taken at an early stage of pregnancy. Clary sage oil is extremely potent. Alternative medical experts may use this herb if a pregnant woman has gone several weeks past her due date. In some cases, women may use sage to begin labor so that they can pick the exact date that they will have their babies.

Clary sage benefits include relaxation and faster dilation. If a woman has been in labor for an extended period of time, sage may be used to help her progress. The main reason that clary sage oil is not commonly used in hospital settings is because it can be somewhat unpredictable. By contrast, Pitocin is almost certainly guaranteed to make a woman go into labor within a few hours.

If you wan to use clary sage oil to induce labor, you should consult with a midwife or a doula. Sage is also commonly used during unassisted home births. While complications rarely arise from the use of oil of sage, you may want to make sure that you are not allergic to it prior to use.

Not every woman is a good candidate for this type of labor induction. Pregnancy women that have had multiple caesarean sections will also need to be very careful. First time moms who want to use sage to induce labor should look into natural pain management methods. Although relaxing, sage provides little if any pain relief. While most doctors will not recommend oil of sage as a reliable labor induction method, there is medical evidence that suggests otherwise.