Clogged Ear Remedy – Secrets of Hydrogen Peroxide!

Clogged Ear RemedyInside your ear canal are hairs and these hairs keep things like dust and bacteria out of your ear’s precious air space. These hair follicles and their glands produce ear wax, wax that serves as a protective device, guarding the skin of the ear canal and protecting everything from water.

Normally, ear wax eventually makes its way out of your ear canal and either falls out somewhere or is removed during bathing. Everyone has ear wax, but like body hair, some have more than others. In the case where a person’s ears produce too much wax, the wax doesn’t have enough time to escape and gets stuck and hardens up. This can cause a clogged ear and even sometimes pain and discomfort.

Another way that ears can become clogged is to be impacted with wax due to the careless shove of a cotton swab. Sure, it looks perfectly designed to go in there, but that’s not what they’re for, and using a Q-Tip in the ear can actually push the wax further in, causing a blockage and therefore will make your ears feel clogged.

So if Q-Tips are NOT a useful clogged ear remedy for home use, what is? Well, since most blockages are caused by hardened wax, softening the offending blockage with baby oil and glycerin can help. Softening the wax can be a useful clogged ear remedy because it gets the wax moving again towards the exit. Irrigation kits are available in stores and while they are a popular ear wax removal home remedy, you may have everything you need at home to remove ear wax safely and for under two dollars.

By far the cheapest and one of the safest home clogged ear remedy options is water and good old hydrogen peroxide. Removing ear wax in this manner is relatively safe, usually effective, and does not involve Q-Tips. Leave them in the cabinet, you do not need them. Don’t touch them. Okay, moving on. Mix equal parts clean, sterile water and your finest hydrogen peroxide together in a bowl or cup. Fill a CLEAN eyedropper with your brew and, while lying on your side, drop a small amount of your concoction into your ear. Do not stick the syringe in your ear hole. Matter of fact, don’t even put it near your ear hole, just aim from an elevated position to reduce the temptation to stick things in your ear. Continue lying on your side for 10 or fifteen minutes while the stuff you just put in your ear has time to frolic about and release some of your stuck on wax. Hum a song, recite a poem, just don’t move. Place a shallow bowl or container under your ear when you no longer hear bubbling in the affected ear and tilt your head toward the bowl to release the contents. You can then use the dropper, head still situated over the bowl to rinse the ear by gently squirting peroxide into the ear and letting it drain into the bowl. While this clogged ear remedy sounds complicated and long, it’s actually a soothing and gentle way to unclog your ears safely at home.