Cloudy Urine and Diabetes: Myths and Facts

Cloudy Urine and DiabetesCloudy urine and diabetes are thought by many to be directly related. Although this may be true in some instances, cloudy urine and diabetes do not always have a connection. While abnormal urine color is not a direct symptom of diabetes, cloudy urine causes are most likely due to either other various diabetic issues, or other health related scenarios such as urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. Even so, abnormal urine color, whether it is dark colored urine, foamy urine, or cloudy urine, is quite often a direct result of the numerous symptoms of diabetes. For example, cloudy urine and diabetes may be the result of proteinuria, a symptom of chronic kidney disease which is often caused by diabetes.

The following are some myths and facts relating to cloudy urine and diabetes:

Myth: Cloudy urine and diabetes always go hand in hand.
Fact: Cloudy urine can be a result of a kidney or bladder infection, consuming too many vitamin supplements, kidney stones, or various foods and beverages.

Myth: Medical attention is always needed for cloudy urine.
Fact: Something as simple as eating asparagus will cause cloudy urine. If an excessive amount of vitamins or foods have not been consumed to cause cloudy urine, and there is frequency and pain while urinating, then a medical professional should assess for infection or any other lingering medical condition.

Myth: Using stem cell transplant will not affect a diabetic condition.
Fact: Much positive research is being done regarding stem cell treatment for diabetes. There is continued attention to the fact that many scientists believe stem cell treatment can diminish, or at least slow down, the progression of Type I diabetes.

Myth: Cloudy urine is not caused by diabetes.
Fact: Suffering from diabetes is grounds for other conditions to frequently occur. One of those conditions could be urinary tract infections. A diabetic may be more prone to such infections, which will in turn cause discolored urine.