Coconut Water Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

coconut water dietDiet fads are nothing new and one controversial newcomer is the coconut water diet. Proponents claim that basing your diet off of coconut water benefits such as high potassium, cholesterol benefits and can even help you look and feel younger.

However, as with other types of single ingestible dietetic plans, the coconut water diet is more useful when combined with other foods to meet nutritional deficiencies that can come from the fact that while there are benefits to be had, coconut water nutrition facts simply don’t include all of the things you need to intake every day for optimal health.

One problem for instance is sodium. And, while most people try to abstain from sodium, it’s an essential that needs replaced after exercise, which should be included in your diet plans. As such, gulping down huge volumes of coconut water after working out will leave your body missing out on valuable electrolytes. This is just one example of why other foods need to be included in your coconut water diet, so that you have well rounded nutrition that will meet your body’s needs for proper form and function.

Consider lean meats and fruits and vegetables and the basis of your diet plan. Not only will they help keep your calorie count low, but they will also provide all of the essential nutrients that your body needs so that it isn’t starved for essentials while you are losing weight. Leafy greens like spinach are ideal as are proteins such as skinless chicken breast. Building your diet around foods like these instead of solely relying on a coconut water diet for weight loss is likely to yield better results, keep you from being hungry, and assist in more pronounced pound shedding. A well rounded diet that includes fresh, nutrient rich foods along with exercise are considered tops when it comes to healthy ways to lose weight.

There is another diet plan where coconut water can be very useful and that is the paleo diet. Based on the theory that people should eat more like cavemen, proponents insist that our bodies are designed to eat the foods that hunters, foragers and scavengers did ten thousand years ago. Since dairy products weren’t readily available then and coconut water was, it’s acceptable to include this tropical beverage into this type of diet plan. Other foods to include are mostly meats, nuts, vegetables, roots, berries and shellfish. While not a coconut water diet on its own, this type of prehistoric meal plan is not only considered healthy, it’s a great way to add coconut water to your diet without sacrificing nutrition.

There are all sorts of hokey diet fads and some of them can be unsafe or even dangerous. While there is some controversy regarding coconut oil weight loss results as there is with the milk and water of this exotic palm product, coconut water can be a useful addition to a healthy diet when used in moderation. Coconut products can be used in other ways as well such as in baking with coconut milk recipes. The water from the coconut is best used as an addition to a healthy diet as opposed to a standalone component and when added to healthy foods like lean meats and green vegetables can help add some healthful benefits such as a metabolism boost and anti aging properties, not to mention delicious flavor!