Cold Sores Herpes – How To Contain Outbreaks?

Cold Sores HerpesCold sores herpes are caused by the herpes simplex virus; usually type I. Cold sores herpes often appear on the lips and mouth. Cold sores on lips are pretty common. Some people experience a tingling or burning feeling within a day or two before the sore actually appears. Cold sores herpes shows up as a red base with a group of blisters on top. In a few days, the blisters pop and then they crust over. In a few weeks, the spot will heal. Cold sores rarely leave a scar. While there are other mouth ulcers causes, Herpes can affect any part of the body. A herpes viral infection of the eye is a dangerous condition that can damage sight or even cause blindness. If you suspect that you have this condition, seek medical attention immediately.

Once you have been infected with this virus, it never leaves your system. The cold sores herpes virus will travel along a nerve, staying dormant in a ganglion, and come back without much warning.

Cold sores may recur without rhyme or reason, but there are things that increase the likelihood of an outbreak which include sunlight (UV radiation), a cold or flu, fever, stress, trauma to the mouth, and suppressed immune system changes such as those brought about by chemotherapy, radiation, or immunosuppressive medications. If you do have an outbreak, topical over the counter medications can relieve pain and itching, but do not speed healing time. Ask your doctor about prescription medications that can be applied to the sore itself or taken orally. These preparations may speed healing time. If you have frequent outbreaks and your daily life is impacted, ask your doctor about long term suppressive therapy.