Collagenous Colitis Diet Plan – Which Foods to Include?

Collagenous Colitis DietExcessive diarrhea is characteristic of collagenous colitis, or inflammation of the colon. While frequent trips to the bathroom are inconvenient and unappealing, thankfully this ailment is often easily remedied with medication and diet and lifestyle changes. Sufferers of chronic colitis will be told about plenty of things not to include in a collagenous colitis diet, but finding things that are good to eat for helping ease the symptoms of this condition is a bit tougher.

You will undoubtedly be told that you will need to avoid high fiber foods in order to manage your microscopic colitis. You will also likely be instructed to avoid spicy foods, that can irritate and already feisty colon. A diet for colitis may also start with the elimination of dairy, just to rule out lactose intolerance, although these items can gradually be re-added if it’s determined that they aren’t causing additional strain to your bowel issues. Caffeine avoidance is also frequently recommended on a collagenous colitis diet, as its diuretic effects can lead to dehydration which can equal colon confusion.

No matter what you choose to include in your collagenous colitis diet, it’s recommended that you eat small, frequent meals more often as opposed to large Thanksgiving style feasts to reduce the strain on your digestive tract. Some advisable foods are easy to digest fare such as bananas and rice. These soft foods are easy on the body’s fuel breakdown processes and this reduced strain can keep things moving along properly. As dehydration is a big no-no, drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water are strongly advisable.

Working with your doctor to develop a collagenous colitis diet plan that is right for you is critical to your care and treatment. While medications are also often employed, lifestyle changes such as dietary changes and exercise can dramatically reduce the symptoms and discomfort associated with this ailment. If you are concerned about the way that your diet is affecting your condition, consider a methodically formulated meal plan that will keep you out of the bathroom, and enjoying your life and daily activities.