Constipated Toddler: Top 10 Ways to Deal with This Condition

Constipated ToddlerDealing with a constipated toddler could be very challenging for parents because the root cause for difficult to pass stools is mostly always in the diet. Some toddlers are very conservative eaters tending to eat only certain things, of a specific shape or color, texture or composition. It could be quite hard at times to establish a rounded diet for constipation to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables containing enough fiber and nutrients for regular bowel movements.

Natural remedies for constipation are safe and effective and help establish healthful eating habits for life. This article will outline some of the most effective natural remedies for constipation.

1. Outwit your toddler by using a lot of “deceptive” ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into his diet. You can steam and puree some butternut squash, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, pears or apples and later add a couple of tablespoons of the purees to the foods he is used to like mac-n-cheese, pizza, muffins, pasta or else. Make sure the colors of the purees match the color of the foods to not make your toddlers suspicious. For example, pureed sweet potatoes resemble the color of cheddar cheese in the macaroni dish, while cauliflower can be “hidden” with mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs.

2. Cut fruits or vegetables into creative shapes and patterns to make health and fiber-rich foods more appealing for constipated toddlers.

3. Make sure your toddler is drinking enough fluids, mostly water, as sugary juices and sodas can only exasperate the constipation problem and further upset the sensitive tummies.

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5. Getting enough exercise is one of the best natural remedies of constipation. Exercising like walking, swimming, playing outside gently massages internal organs and stimulates bowel movements.

6. Ease up on potty training as your constipated toddler might feel anxious and uncomfortable about using the potty. You will ease his anxiety and help with his constipation. You can resume potty training once your toddler overcomes his fear.

7. Help your constipated toddler develop a regular habit of emptying his bowels by gently encouraging them to go to the bathroom after every meal by using a sticker reward system.

8. If your constipated toddler is holding off the urges to go in fear to feel painful bowel movements, try inserting glycerin suppositories rectally, it will make it easier for him to pass stools and help overcome his fear.

9. Soak a couple of dates overnight in a half cup of water and mash them without the pits the next morning. Strain the liquid and give one tablespoon of it 3-4 times daily to your toddler as a mild natural laxative to stimulate his digestion.

10. Give your constipated toddler plenty of probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir or some chewable probiotic to help establish favorable intestinal flora.

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