Constipation Home Remedies For Children vs Adults

Constipation Home RemediesOne of the most common gastrointestinal ails; constipation is experienced by just about everyone at some point in their lives. From children to adults, this unintentional fecal folly is characterized by less frequent bowel movements, (less than 2 per week), straining during evacuation, a consistency that is hard, or incomplete movements. While many of these symptoms may have you reaching for the fast acting laxative you have in the cabinet, there are actually many lifestyle changes that you can make and constipation home remedies you can employ to get your digestive system back on track.

To understand why home care can be so effective at treating this common malady in children and adults, you must first look at some of the common causes of constipation. For instance, a diet rich in dairy, which is common in children, can be a source of problems. Additionally, not drinking enough water, or incorporating enough fiber into your diet are also potential culprits. Mainly seen in adults, stress can play an important role in your digestive health, and constipation caused by stress is not uncommon. For these everyday origins of a clogged colon, you might want to consider constipation home remedies and lifestyle changes.

Treating this common malady of course can be done effectively with many over the counter options; however the parents of many constipated toddlers will tell you that administering medicines can be difficult and home options are ideal, particularly if a trip to the local drug store is inconvenient. For these cases in children, you might want to consider constipation home remedies. Fruit juices, particularly in younger children, can be rather effective. For babies and children 6 months and older you can try prune, apple or pear juice in small quantities, increasing the amount slowly as needed. Consider adding fruits and vegetables high in fiber and similarly in baby food as well. Peas, peaches and pears are all good choices for dietary additions to consider for constipation home remedies in children. If your child will tolerate it, you can also try massaging their abdomens in the tummy region, and, the “bicycle” method may help also. With your child on their back, you can gently manipulate their legs as if they were riding a midair bicycle. Warm baths are also ideal constipation relief. It can provide a relaxing effect to the muscles responsible for bowel movements, potentially making passing stools less difficult.

While adults can certainly benefit from many of the aforementioned relief options, it’s less likely that a mid air bicycle or pear juice will bring the relief that it can potentially provide to a child. As such, constipation home remedies differ somewhat in grownups, although, a warm bath can still be soothing and comforting, especially if your bout with straining has led to discomfort. Most of the relief adults can benefit from will result from a diet for constipation. While it’s unlikely that most people’s meal planners incorporate a lot of high fiber recipes, for people battling constipation, it’s the best place to start. Even snacks can be high fiber. Consider bran muffins or cereal, both options that can provide a kick to your colon. It’s not all about the food for plugged up grownups, however. Position changes, just as in children, can provide some benefit, albeit a different method. For adult toilet time, consider adding a step stool to your routine. By utilizing a 6 inch or so step stool to rest your feet on, you can place your hips and pelvis in an ideal and natural position that is more conducive to producing the poo.

In most cases, constipation home remedies provide relief for sufferers of any age, however if you are not experiencing positive results, it may be time to talk to your doctor. There may be an underlying source of your problematic poop predicament and it’s best to see your health care provider should home remedies not prevail.