Cost of a Nose Job – What Is Included and What is Not?

Cost of a Nose JobCost of a nose job is the first thing that comes to mind when someone is seeking to improve the look of their nose for various reasons. However, a cost of a nose job should not be the only determining factor to help you decide which surgeon or medical facility to choose for your nose altering procedure.

Rhinoplasty cost is not routinely covered by insurance companies and is considered elective surgery for cosmetic reasons. In case you must undergo a rhinoplasty in order to correct a breathing problem, the cost of a nose job might be covered by your insurance.

The typical cost of a nose job breaks down into 3 categories: surgeon, anesthesiologist and the facility fee. Each of these components will be individually calculated at your initial consultation to determine the final cost of a nose job that can typically be as low as $3K and as high as $8K. If this sounds like a high price to pay, do not lose hope as a lot of medical facilities offer multiple financing options to make the cost of a nose job affordable and realistic for you.

The cost of an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure like, for example, African American nose jobs tends to run slightly higher due to multiple technical challenges that this type of cosmetic surgery entails. Many ethnic groups historically developed shorter noses with wider and more flared nostrils, and with less projected tips of the noses compared to Caucasian groups. African American and Asian nose job procedures typically require more surgery time due to augmentation measures necessary to reinforce and lengthen the bridge and the tip of the nose resulting in higher costs in the end.

Always choose the best rhinoplasty surgeons in your area to achieve ultimately the best rhinoplasty results.