Coughing Up White Chunks Causes

Coughing Up White ChunksColor of phlegm that ranges from clear to black and any color in between is a very important clue for your doctor to discover what health issues you might be experiencing. Mucus secreted from your respiratory organs is like a shield to protect nasal and bronchial passages along with lung tissues from the hostile environmental invaders whether these are allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollutants or other irritants.

If you are coughing up phlegm of any color, it usually means that there’s an inflammatory process going on in the body, and mucus is a body’s way to clear irritants from its system. Coughing up yellow mucus, for example, can signal a developing sinus infection or possible bronchitis. Only your doctor is able to tell what exactly is causing your phlegm after carefully evaluating your set of presenting symptoms.

Coughed up phlegm consistency could range from liquid to chunky indicating about the processes going on in the body. Individuals who take decongestants or antihistamines might develop mucus that is drier and chunkier in consistency and might come out in white chunks. Drinking more fluids might thin it out and make coughing it up easier. If coughing up white chunks of mucus is accompanied by fever of 102 F, feeling run down, chest pains and strong cough, these could be symptoms of a developing bronchitis or pneumonia that need to be treated immediately, especially in children, elderly and pregnant women.

Coughing up white chunks could be the result of untreated strep throat infection. If you suspect strep throat, it’s very important to see a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment since untreated strep throat complications could be quite severe and have long term health effects.

People with recurrent strep throat infections might develop white spots on tonsils carrying a fancy name tonsilloliths or simply tonsil stones. Tonsils of a person suffering from tonsil infections develop indentations that trap food particles, white blood cells and all kinds of debris. The contents of these tonsil stones harden over time and might fall out from time to time in white hard chunks emitting strong and offensive odor of rotten eggs. Dislodged white spots on tonsils could be one of the reasons for coughing up white chunks.

If you continue coughing up white chunks despite all the prescribed treatment and your doctor exhausted all the possible treatment measures, you might be recommended to undergo a surgical procedure to have your tonsils removed. Tonsillectomy in certain cases might be the only way for you to stop coughing up white chunks and recover from white spots on tonsils that might become a chronic source of infection and spread toxins all over the body.

Coughing up white chunks could have a myriad of causes depending on their consistency, size and hardness. Observing these symptoms daily along with other contributing factors will help your doctor determine the actual causes for your condition and find the right treatment for you.

If you are unsure about what is that stuff that comes out in your phlegm watch this educational video from The Doctors show to find out: