Creatine Monohydrate Side Effects

Creatine Monohydrate Side EffectsCreatine monohydrate powder is one of the essential components in popular protein shakes used by body builders and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. Creatine monohydrate powder provides additional energy to muscles and cells to boost your resistance and endurance and expands your fitness horizons. It’s also essential for athletes like runners, sprinters and bikers providing them with bursts of energy necessary to accomplish many fitness goals.

Are there any creatine monohydrate side effects and what the consumers should be on the lookout for while consuming pure creatine monohydrate supplement? The most important of all creatine monohydrate side effects is dehydration that can in turn lead to mood swings, anger and even depression. Creatine works by absorbing some water from cells to provide body with extra energy and endurance. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated to avoid creatine monohydrate side effects.

Other creatine monohydrate side effects that have been reported include indigestion, excessive gas, vomiting and loose stools along with kidney disorders. Severe creatine monohydrate side effects occur very rarely but might result in panic attacks, anxiety, acne and hair loss. If you are in your teens, pregnant or lactating, make sure to talk to your health adviser to lessen the risk of running into creatine monohydrate side effects.

In addition, pure creatine monohydrate can adversely affect your blood sugar levels. Exercise caution with the supplement if you are taking insulin or any other drugs altering your blood sugar counts to keep creatine monohydrate side effects away.