Crystalens Review: Pros and Cons

CrystalensPatients undergoing cataract surgery don’t have a choice as to whether or not crystalens will be used. This is because they are they only type of lenses that have been medically approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Although most people are completely happy with this particular type of lens, there are clear pros and cons. Find out how crystalens measure up by learning about all of their advantages and drawbacks.


When an intraocular lens implant procedure is performed, the lenses are completely sterile. There is absolutely no chance of an infection developing because of unsanitary materials.

These lenses are manufactured by a major medical corporation. In the event of product recall, your medical expenses will be fully covered.

Clinical studies have shown that crystalens are not the reason behind most cataract surgery procedure failures. Error on the part of the doctor or the other attending physicians and nurses is far more likely to occur.

Cataract surgery cost has been reduced thanks to the federal regulation of these lenses. Doctors cannot use unapproved lenses when operating on patients with cataracts. This means that you will get fairly similar price quotes for lens implant surgery no matter what state you reside in.


Crystalens are the only choice, which means that those who have had complications in the past will be stuck.

These lenses may potentially irritate your eyes. If you are allergic to the materials used to make cataract lenses, there is really no other solution that is available. You may need to go out of the country so that you can use a different brand.

Lenses for cataracts are fairly expensive. Although the pricing structure does not fluctuate much, cheaper alternatives made by other countries cannot be utilized.

Overall, many people in the medical field feel that patients deserve to have more choices. There is nothing wrong with this type of lens, however, better alternatives may have already been missed out on. The science behind lenses for cataracts has not yet been perfected, but surgeons are not too far off. If you are suffering from cataracts, you should feel confident in the fact that the government is looking out for your best interest.