CTI Knee Braces Review

CTI Knee BracesIf you have injured your knee or have knee pain while doing the activities of daily living, a knee brace may be for you. CTI knee braces protect against rotational movement that can cause a meniscus tear. If you have meniscus pain, however, you should consult a doctor as this condition can require surgery.

You can purchase a readymade hinged knee brace or you can opt to have one custom made. Off-the-shelf CTI knee braces come in different sizes. You can even adjust the pressure on some models to give you the right support for various activities. A knee brace can allow you to do the activities you love without pain or fear of creating further damage. Running and knee pain no longer need to go hand in hand. A knee brace for running keeps you free from pain and protects the knee at the same time. CTI knee braces are suitable for use in swimming, mountain boarding, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, wake boarding, and mountain biking. CTI knee braces can be custom made to fit your leg.

An orthotist can help you make the right choice when it comes to knee braces. If you opt for a custom knee brace, it will probably take a few weeks before it arrives. The orthotist will examine the knee, ask about your symptoms, and have you walk a little bit so he or she can see how your knee functions. Measurements will be taken. You may be asked to try a few knee braces to see which one best suits you. You should know that the muscles that support the knee can grow weak if you wear the brace all the time. Be sure to take breaks from using the brace. You should also continue to do stretching and strengthening exercises as instructed by your doctor or physical therapist.