Cure for Yeast Infections – Probiotics vs. Antibiotics

Cure for Yeast InfectionsAntibiotics are strong antibacterial medications intended to kill bacteria that may be present in the body causing a high degree of inflammation. Sometimes following a round of antibiotic treatment, a woman might develop some yeast infection discharge along with intolerable itching and swelling in the genital area. This is due to the harmful nature of antibiotics that kill not only bad bacteria but good gut organisms necessary for maintaining our good health.

Antibiotics are not prescribed as a cure for yeast infections since candida that causes yeast infections is not a bacteria but a fungal organism that only responds to probiotic and antifungal therapy. On the other hand, bacterial vaginal infection triggered by multiple bacteria will respond well to a local antibiotic application. Oral antibiotics for vaginal infections are only prescribed for especially persistent and recurring cases of vaginal infection.

Typically a cure for yeast infections lies at the root of our diet and lifestyle changes. Limiting sugar, alcohol, artificial and processed foods are all great measure to help control yeast infection outbreaks. Additionally, supplementing natural diets with probiotics combined with home remedies for vaginal yeast infections are one of the best approaches in treating yeast overgrowth.

If you are looking for a cure for yeast infections, try not to use any irritating soaps or lotions to wash delicate genital area. Clean water is all you need to keep the tender areas clean. One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a bowl of water and later used for external genitalia rinse is sure to bring relief to yeast infection itching.

Wearing loose fitting clothing will help keep trapped moisture out and prevent yeast infection in its tracks. Also avoid using any scented sanitary napkins or tampons since the chemicals in these products could potentially lead to abnormal vaginal flora.

Naturally fermented yogurt taken as food and applied vaginally is among the top natural cures for yeast infection.

There’s no single recipe for a cure for yeast infections, different remedies will work for some people while the same recipes will prove worthless for others. Talking to your doctor or a naturopath will help you find your cure for yeast infections.