Dandelion Herb Uses in Herbal Medicine

Dandelion HerbThe use of the dandelion herb for a variety of common physical ailments dates back hundreds of years. There are hundreds of dandelion species that grow through Europe, Asia and North America. As a matter of fact, dandelion grows so readily in North America that most Westerners consider it a weed. Not only is dandelion used as an herb, but its leaves are used in salads, dandelion root is used as a coffee substitute, and the flowers are used in wine making. If you are interested in eating healthy foods and living an all-natural lifestyle, then you have no doubt heard of all the benefits of dandelion. If you’re not familiar enough with dandelion, then take some time to read over this overview of the many herbal medicine uses of the dandelion herb.

– Dandelion is a natural diuretic. Dandelion’s diuretic qualities include increase urine production, a mild laxative effect, and the stimulation of the digestive system. Not only does this make dandelion great for treating digestive issues, but it’s also a great argument for a dandelion tea weight loss regime.

– In traditional medicine, practitioners used both the root and the leaves of the dandelion to treat liver problems. To this day, dandelion herb is known to be a great natural detoxifier, good for both the liver and the kidneys.

– Native Americans used dandelion to treat swelling, kidney disease, skin issues like eczema, and acid indigestion.

– One of the benefits of dandelion tea is that it is a great appetite stimulant. This quality, along with its diuretic effect, aids the body’s digestive system, making it more efficient at processing food and expelling waste. For these reasons, dandelion is great for detoxification.

– Eastern (Chinese) medicinal practitioners treated appendicitis with dandelion herb, as well as digestive problems and breast issues associated with nursing.

If you still doubt the value of dandelion, try one of the many dandelion recipes and give it a taste! Dandelion is packed with a multitude of vitamins and minerals your body needs.