Dandelion Tea Side Effects

Dandelion Tea Side EffectsEverything is good in moderation and even if it’s dandelion herb that has proven to alleviate so many health conditions, you should still exercise caution and talk to your doctor or a naturopath before starting dandelion root treatment.

While taking into consideration multiple dandelion tea benefits, one should still ask a question if this mighty herb is truly good for everyone or should some people try to avoid or limit it? There are groups of patients with certain conditions that might be especially prone to dandelion tea side effects. Patients affected by acid indigestion or on a hiatus hernia diet should not take dandelion herb preparations since their symptoms might be exacerbated.

Persons with history of allergic reactions to ragweed, chamomile ormarigolds, should exercise caution with dandelion tea treatments or eliminate them altogether.

Dandelion tea side effects might include parasitic infection by consuming contaminated plants. Try always buying your dandelion herb products from a well known vendor and preferably from an organic source.

Dandelion tea side effects are especially serious for patients who are on systematic prescription medications. Due to strong diuretic properties, dandelion tea might accelerate the removal of medications from your blood stream before reaching the desired effect. Dandelion tea side effects might include additional interaction with anticoagulant prescription drugs that might lead to serious bleeding conditions.

To decrease the chances of encountering dandelion tea side effects, always consult with a knowledgeable herbal specialist or a naturopath before starting any natural treatment with this herb.