Dark Green Diarrhea in Kids vs Adults – Different Causes!

dark green diarrheaYour poop says a lot about you. It’s usually a fairly good indicator of what you’re eating, and if it’s abnormal, it’s also a good way to tell you that you might have caught a bug of some sorts or even had a bout with some questionable take out. The color in particular can be both revealing and unnerving

, and dark green diarrhea can be particularly startling. There are many reasons why your excrement may be dabbling in a different color palette, and these reasons can vary in children and adults.

Children it seems can almost poop every color in the rainbow. In fact, many a new mom has likely been shocked by the varying shades of infant diarrhea. For instance, numerous moms who are breastfeeding have no doubt stared wide-eyed at a diaper full of yellow diarrhea and thought they were seeing things. These color changing colon creations can be startling, but are fairly common. Dark green diarrhea in children also can have some very ordinary causes. A healthy diet consisting of lots of leafy green vegetables, things often shoveled by the forkful into growing young ones, can be a cause. Vitamins containing iron can also change the hue of your kid’s poo. If your child has been sick, a lack of food or adherence to a liquid diet in response to the illness can also cause dark green diarrhea. In the case of babies, it is actually not uncommon for a diet consisting of breast milk or certain formulas to produce green diarrhea or looser stools that are green in color as a normal occurrence. Because infants have no problem dirtying a diaper up to 10 times a day under normal conditions, it’s not uncommon to find varying shades of green stool in infants frequently at diaper change time.

But, just because adults don’t partake in a breast milk diet (hopefully) doesn’t mean that they are immune the occasional bout of emerald excrement. Dark green diarrhea can and does occur in adults. Sure, leafy green vegetables and supplements containing iron can also cause big butt blunders for the more seasoned population, however there are other causes more likely to cause green stools in adults that are less likely to affect their smaller counterparts. Swallow a lot of post nasal drip from your recent illness? Well, it might be influencing the shade of your scat. That bad takeout? Perhaps your to go order came with a side of salmonella, another cause of dark green diarrhea. Are you on the latest celebrity detox starvation diet? If so, don’t be shocked to find that dark green diarrhea can be an unfortunate side effect.

In both children and adults however, simply having an illness that causes loose stools can change the face of your feces. Fast moving fecal matter in itself can be the source of the problem, because it doesn’t allow bile long enough to fully break down everything that’s passing through.

Most of the time variances in the color of your butt by-products are nothing to worry about. Shades of brown, yellow, and green are common and can occur with viral infections or other minor illnesses or dietary changes or supplements. Cause for concern occurs when red, white, grey or black enter the picture and these are most abnormal shades that should prompt you to seek immediate medical attention because they could be signs of bleeding or obstruction. While paying attention to you and your child’s poop may seem like a very unappealing task, it is important to be aware of excretory changes that can provide valuable insight into overall health.