Dark Yellow Urine – What Are the Reasons?

Dark Yellow UrineNormal human urine color varies from person to person ranging from almost clear to dark amber tint. The color of the urine is affected by a pigment called urochrome. Urine odor and color depends not only on the foods and beverages we consume throughout the day but on the medications we take and underlying medical conditions.

Dark yellow urine can have multiple causes in nature both harmless and serious. If a person is dehydrated or simply not drinking enough liquids he will end up with dark yellow urine. As soon as the liquid intake is increased, the urine will quickly change its color to a straw-like light yellow. Certain foods we eat like asparagus, beets, chocolate, coffee and alcohol might result in dark colored urine. Vitamins C and B can color your urine a bright yellow hue. Asking your doctor whether your current medication is giving you dark yellow urine will put your mind at ease.

However, along with quite innocent causes of dark yellow urine, if there are other warning symptoms like burning and painful sensation in the lower abdomen, inability to fully empty the bladder, bladder leakage, fever and foul smelling urine, it might signal the beginning of a urinary tract or bladder infection. If you experience cloudy urine with characteristic sharp pains in the kidney or bladder zone it might be a symptom of kidney stones passing through your urinary tract. Hepatitis or liver inflammation disease can give you dark yellow urine along with yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

Observing dark yellow urine alone might not be a serious sign, however if it progresses to darker foamy urine with other serious symptoms, it is important to get help immediately to avoid dangerous complications.