Dental Implant Surgery: Cost, Benefits and Risks

Dental Implant SurgeryDental implants were first offered to celebrities and independently wealthy patients because of their high cost. Over the years, consumers became aware of dental implant surgery, and more affordable options were presented. In addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits, titanium dental implants are much sturdier and long-lasting than the type of false teeth that are secured over the gums.
This fairly new procedure has just as many risks as it does benefits, which means that every individual patient needs to do his or her own research.

The first factor that people think about when getting dental implant surgery is the price. Although there is some information available on free dental implants, this is an option that is not offered to many. If you have a good quality dental implant insurance policy, you can possible have the procedure performed at no extra cost. You may be limited in the type of dental implants that you can choose from as well as the surgeon that will be operating, but you will not have to be concerned with payment plans or high fees.

After price comes the pros and cons of having dental implant surgery compared to dentures, bridges, fillings and other cosmetic dental procedures. Patients with blood clotting issues, high blood pressure and related medical issues are more at risk of dental implant failure. Though the instances of complications are low, only a dentist will know whether the potential risks outweigh the numerous benefits.

Another risk associated with dental implant surgery is allergic reaction. Your body could possibly react negatively to dental implants if you have an undocumented allergy to titanium or the other materials used to make dental implants. A simple test can be performed prior to your scheduled procedure to determine if this will be an issue, and another type of dental implant can be used if this is a concern.

In the end, every person thinking about getting the dental implant procedure will need to become thoroughly educated on the matter. This includes speaking to multiple dentists, calling your health insurance provider and even seeking out others that have had dental implants installed.