DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Review

DePuy Hip Replacement RecallWhen you are going to have anterior hip replacement surgery, you should do your homework. You will want to be aware of possible hip replacement recalls. Because you’re getting a prosthesis inserted into your body, you should know if there have been any recalls as well as what type and brand of hip prosthesis that your surgeon plans on using. This may prevent problems down the road. The most well- known recall was the DePuy hip replacement recall.

The reason for the DePuy hip replacement recall included that there were fifty percent failure rate in the hip prosthesis. The DePuy hip prosthesis is made of metal. There is the chance of metals getting into the blood. Because of the DePuy hip replacement recall, if you have this type of hip it’s important to get a blood test to determine if any metals have gotten into the blood.

As with any procedure, you want to be aware of possible hip replacement complications. While these are very few, you should still know what they are. Some examples of complications are blood clots in the veins and legs, infections and possible dislocation.

Some symptoms of problems are pain in the groin or hip or leg, swelling near the hip, a limp or change in your walking ability. If you have any of these symptoms and have received the DePuy hip, you may want to talk to your surgeon about the DePuy hip replacement recall.

Another type of hip recall is the Zimmer hip replacement recall. If you have received a Zimmer hip, you may also want to be aware of these symptoms as well. With the Zimmer hip replacement, the hip was meant to bond with the patient’s bone, many times this did not happen. Several patients have claimed of pain and after x-rays, they were told that nothing seemed to be amiss with the prosthesis. `

Before you have hip replacement surgery, you may want to inquire about hip resurfacing as an option. Consult with your physician and surgeon and ask them if you might be a good candidate for this less invasive option.