Diarrhea Diet For Toddlers, Adults and Elderly

Diarrhea DietDiarrhea can occur as an isolated incident and it can also cause patients issues for an extended period of time. In either case, following the diarrhea diet will help you to stay hydrated and avoid serious medical complications. Diarrhea can occur in babies, toddlers, adults and the elderly for many different reasons. In most cases, it occurs because of irritating foods consumed.

Babies and toddlers have very sensitive stomachs. Dealing with infant diarrhea can be alarming, especially when a baby has been following a regimented diet. You can try giving the baby or toddler nothing but binding solid foods along with plenty of fluids until their stool becomes solid again. What may appear to be yellow diarrhea in babies is actually completely natural. Because babies don’t eat many solid foods, their stools tend to be on the loose side, and the yellow coloring is actually to be expected.

In adults, green diarrhea usually occurs when an unnatural food colorant is consumed. Premixed drinks and even dietary supplements can cause your bowel movements to become green in color and runny. The diarrhea diet consists of avoiding foods that are too stimulating to the digestive tract. Don’t eat a large amount of chocolate, consume foods that have high caffeine levels or eat unnatural sweeteners. In addition, you might need to give alcohol a complete rest until you are able to have normal bowel movements again.

Elderly people are much more susceptible to suffering from bouts of loose stools. Spicy foods and foods that are very rich can cause diarrhea if you are older in age. In addition, diarrhea during pregnancy can occur for a plethora of reasons. It is important to follow the diarrhea diet while pregnant so that you and your baby stay well hydrated.

If you are an adult with yellow diarrhea, there is no reason to become alarmed just yet. However, if you continue to pass yellow colored loose stools, you will need to go to your doctor. The yellow coloring that you see is excess fats, which is actually a good indication that your body is working well to get rid of waste. While the diarrhea diet can help, it won’t always solve this medical issue.