Diarrhea in Babies and Teething – Connected?

Diarrhea in BabiesEspecially as a new parent, you may wonder if your child has diarrhea, is it a sign that they are teething. Occasionally, this may be the case because a teething baby produces more saliva naturally and makes them pass their stools more quickly. In addition, diarrhea in babies is usually because they have some type of virus. Especially if your baby is very young, you want to see a pediatrician as soon as possible. Diarrhea in babies can easily cause dehydration. This is especially the case if what they drink runs right through them.

Sometimes diarrhea in babies can be just because they are getting too much juice or fiber in their diet. Diarrhea in babies or infant diarrhea can be caused when their formula has been changed. You may have to experiment with different formulas or a soy based formula in order to prevent diarrhea in babies. If you breastfeed, your baby will be likely to recover faster from a bout of diarrhea due to the gut beneficial properties breast milk contains.

When your infant or toddler has diarrhea, your first instinct may be to stop giving them fluids. No matter what, it’s important to keep them properly hydrated. If they become dehydrated, you can end up with a whole other set of problems. Your best bet is to contact your baby’s pediatrician right away.

There are many home remedies for diarrhea that may stop diarrhea in babies. Most of these will probably be pretty effective as long as there is not another underlying illness. While you continue to give your child fluids, you can try to give them binding foods. Foods such as bananas, rice, applesauce and toast are known to help bind the stool.

If your child has green diarrhea, it is probably caused when the food is digested to quickly and is unable to turn to the brown color we are accustomed to. When you contact your child’s physician regarding diarrhea in babies, be sure to mention if they have green stool. Green stool in infants could be an important fact in figuring out what is causing the diarrhea in babies.