Diurex Side Effects – Serious or Mild?

Diurex Side EffectsAll medicines have the potential to incur side effects, and OTC diuretics are no exception. While we typically think of the side effects associated with over the counter remedies as mild, there are some considerations worth noting regarding Diurex side effects that you should be aware of. Additionally, it’s important to remember that some users of over the counter medicines will experience little to no side effects, while others may have more severe or more frequent side effects.

Before concerning yourself with diuretics side effects, it’s important to look at the differences between different types of water reducers. Loop diuretics, for example, act chemically on the kidneys and are used for medical conditions requiring them such as hypertension. Over the counter offerings are typically caffeine based. This distinction is important when considering Diurex side effects, because your daily habits can play a role in the intensity of your Diurex side effects.

So what does this mean for you? Well, let’s say that you are a very frequent coffee drinker, or you are very much inclined to have more than one caffeine packed soda or energy drink in a day. The combination of caffeine laced beverages with a caffeinated diuretic can make a monumental difference in the way that your body manifests Diurex side effects. Therefore, if you are planning on using this product, you will need to consider kicking any out of control caffeine habits you might have. Caffeine in itself can have a dramatic diuretic effect on the body, and the overwhelming combination of an over the counter treatment containing caffeine along with regular intake via diet can increase the intensity of Diurex side effects.

Under normal circumstances however, the side effects encountered from diurex are typically mild. As with many similar products such as parabrom side effects, one of the most frequently occurring is increased urination. This can be simply a couple more times a day, or much more frequently, particularly if you have not abstained from caffeine while using diurex. You may also feel nervous, jittery, or develop a rapid heartbeat. You may become irritable and even experience ringing in the ears . These are all common and typically mild and normal for persons using diuretics.

There are some cases I which more severe Diurex side effects have been reported. These include gastrointestinal distress such as nausea and vomiting. People have also experienced cardiovascular troubles such as tachycardia. Sleep disorders have also been reported.

It is typical for any adverse effects experienced with diurex or similar over the counter diuretics to be minimal and mild, if existing at all. However, you should absolutely not supplement its use with excessive caffeine intake, nor should you use them for any longer than you need to. Diuretics should be used short term and under the care and supervision of a doctor. If you do not use them properly, or take the appropriate precautions while doing so, you can have more frequent and more severe side effects.