Donating a Kidney – Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid!

Donating a KidneyLet’s face it, donating a kidney is a life altering decision that should not be taken lightly. It could be empowering for some people to know that their kidney helped someone live longer and enjoy the life to the fullest, especially if that someone is a family member or a dear friend. However, living with one kidney requires making smart choices for the rest of your life that might not put too much pressure on the remaining kidney and lead to renal failure.

Decision of donating a kidney could be made by a relative of a seriously ill person in high need of a renal transplant due to a serious disease like, for example, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, or other condition that led to a kidney failure. However, a kidney donor could be a completely unrelated to a patient individual with highly altruistic motivation that had been previously bio-matched to the patient.

According to the kidney donor requirements, all kidney donors must be in overall good health, without major chronic conditions, between the ages of 18 and 70, without detrimental bad habits and mentally and physically stable.

Let’s take a look at Top 10 important factors to consider before donating a kidney.

1. Selling a kidney for profit is never a good decision, plus it’s illegal in most countries. There are always better ways to earn money. If you decide to donate for altruistic purposes, you might only be reimbursed for medical, travel and housing expenses associated with renal transplant decision.

2. Not being psychologically prepared for a failure is a major factor to consider. There’s a small chance that your kidney will not be able to adjust to living in a new body and serve its new recipient for a very short time if at all. Being psychologically prepared to donating a kidney will make any surgery outcome worthwhile.

3. If you are a person who loves risk and living on the edge, donating a kidney might not be for you since you are highly unadvised to being involved in contact sports or risky recreational activities to reduce chances of injuring your remaining kidney after the surgery.

4. Not following a healthy diet is the number one mistake an organ donor can make. A healthy and wholesome diet will allow you to preserve the health of your major organs for years to come.

5. Drinking plenty of clean water is essential for the health of the whole body, including your kidney, make emphasis on natural water and herbal teas.

6. Ignoring exercise can cost anybody their good health in the long run, including persons living with one kidney. Exercise helps keep kidney healthy by stabilizing blood pressure, removing toxins from the body while sweating and keeping your blood sugars in check.

7. Lifestyle modifications are necessary to help preserve your one kidney and health overall. Not smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will help ward off illness.

8. Regular medical check-ups are essential for all kidney donors. Not monitoring blood pressure or protein in urine is dangerous for your health.

9. If you are a woman who is planning to have children in the future and is currently considering being a kidney donor, be advised that you might have slightly higher chances of developing preeclampsia in your future pregnancies.

10. The last but not least among donating a kidney mistakes is not making your wishes to donate known to all your friends and family in case of your actual death.