Double Mastectomy Surgery: Pros and Cons

Double Mastectomy SurgeryDouble mastectomy surgery has both advantages and drawbacks, and if you are considering this procedure then you should do the research before making a final decision. Whether you are considering this surgery as an elective, because breast cancer runs in your family and you are at a high risk for this disease, or it is necessary due to cancer being detected in both breasts, you do have choices. Double mastectomy surgery can have many benefits for some women, but for others it may be unnecessary and extremely invasive.

An elective mastectomy may be the right choice in many situations. If breast cancer runs in your family, if you have genetic testing done and you are at a higher risk for this disease, or if you have been diagnosed with cancer and want to prevent any recurrence then a double mastectomy surgery may be a good choice in many cases. The risk of recurrence is very small if both breasts are removed, because there is very little breast tissue left after the procedure.

One of the drawbacks of double mastectomy surgery is that too often healthy tissue is removed, and both breasts are gone. There is no way to predict which breast tissues may become cancerous, so healthy and diseased tissues are both removed. This disfiguring surgery can leave many women feeling inadequate, and you may have depression and other emotions and problems because of this surgical option. Many women with numerous risk factors may not ever develop breast cancer, and can have their breasts removed when it is not needed.

A modified mastectomy is one of the most common procedures done for breast cancer, and it can be very effective at removing any current cancer cells and preventing future problems. Double mastectomy surgery is the right choice for many individuals, but it may not be the best choice for your condition and preferences. Make sure to look at all of the pros and cons of the procedure before you decide whether or not to use this treatment option.